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Advances in laser technology have resulted in far better results and treatments that are safer, faster, and more comfortable than ever before. Laser hair removal works on just about any area of the body where smooth skin is desired... underarms, face, neck, back, legs, shoulders, bikini line, you name it.

Laser Hair Removal
Toenail Fungus Practitioner Near Me


Nail Fungus can and may affect your toenails (toenail fungus infection) or your fingernails (fingernail fungus infection), but typically the most common is toenail infections. Laser toenail fungus removal is a safe and most effective way to treat toenail fungus. Oral medicines to treat toenail fungus have potential risks and side effects to the liver which laser does not.


Microneedling, also known as percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a non-surgical treatment that uses very fine, short, sterile needles to create tiny punctures in your skin, prompting a natural, collagen-stimulating healing process that corrects flaws and improves skin quality. This minimally invasive facial treatment is clinically proven to deliver an improvement over time for several different dermatologic conditions, including facial wrinkles and facial acne scars. We use the Candela Exceed which is the only FDA approved advanced microneedling device.

Microneedling Treatment
The Perfect Peel


 The Perfect Peel is the only peel that premieres Glutathione as a founding component and is the only true anti-aging ingredient offered exclusively in our formula. The Perfect Peel works from the inside to repair and nourish the skin by giving it a radiant glow, refining pores, improving skin hyperpigmentations, lifting melasma, controlling acne and preventing acne marks. Most importantly, the Glutathione element defies the aging process.

 Glutathione penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling. Glutathione is proven to reverse the melanin's metabolism turning dark pigmentations (eumelanin) into light pigmentation (pheomelanin).


Electrolysis is also a FDA approved permanent method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. The process works by inserting an epilator device into the skin using shortwave radio frequencies in hair follicles to stop new hair from growing. This damages your hair follicles to prevent growth and causes existing hairs to fall out. However, you’ll still need multiple follow-up appointments for the best results. Ideal for individuals that are not candidates for laser hair removal like women or men with blonde, red or gray hair. 

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Areas Served:

We offer laser hair removal, microneedling, chemical peels, and nail fungus treatment services in the following cities and counties in Florida.

Cities & Towns:
Miami, Kendall, Doral, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Westchester, South Miami, Coral Gables

Dade, Broward, Monroe

Zip Codes:
38165, 33185, 33193, 33166

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