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If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering.  Shaving and waxing may remove hair, but it can also lead to razor burn, ingrown hairs, shaving bumps, cuts, nicks, and irritated skin – especially in sensitive areas such as your bikini line and underarms. Waxing can lead to burns and ingrown hairs that may later become infected and painful. 

After your full course of treatments, 60-95% of the targeted hair is permanently gone. Our laser hair removal services are completed using the most sophisticated FDA-approved laser on the market: the Candela Gentle Max pro. This laser allows us to treat all skin tones, as it features two laser options to ensure its effectiveness on each patient. 


Areas Served:

We specialize in laser hair removal services in the following cities and counties in Florida.

Cities & Towns:
Miami, Kendall, Doral, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Westchester, South Miami, Coral Gables

Dade, Broward, Monroe

Zip Codes:
38165, 33185, 33193, 33166

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