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Toenail Fungus Practitioner Near Me


Nail fungus causes fingernails or toenails to thicken, discolor, disfigure and split. Without treatment, however, the toenails or fingernails can be become so thick that they press against the inside of the shoes, causing pressure, irritation, and pain. Recent studies have shown that Lasers like our Candela Gentle max pro laser can treat nail fungus by penetrating the nail and destroying the fungus embedded in and under the nail plate.  The clinical studies, done in 2010 reveal that over 68-80% of treated patients show significant nail improvement with one laser treatment.

Areas Served:

We provide nail fungus laser treatment in the following cities and counties in Florida.

Cities & Towns:
Miami, Kendall, Doral, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Westchester, South Miami, Coral Gables

Dade, Broward, Monroe

Zip Codes:
38165, 33185, 33193, 33166

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